The Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation

Our mission: digital technology serving vulnerable people and the environment

The Foundation supports the development of social and environmental solidarity projects, proposed by non-profit organisations or charities, that facilitate the daily lives of disadvantaged people through innovation and social entrepreneurship

Its fields of action are education and training, social inclusion and environmental preservation.

Key Dates

2001 - Creation of the Foundation, hosted by Institut de France

2003 - Launch of the Students Award

2016 - The Foundation extends its activity to a new domain, preservation of environmental resources

2019 - The Students Award becomes the "Entrepreneurship for tomorrow" Award, open to young entrepreneurs

2021 - The Foundation celebrates its 20-year anniversary

Key Figures

  • Over 100 projects supported with 70 charities
  • Over 200 Sopra Steria employee volunteers sponsoring projects
  • 19 editions of the Entrepreneurship for tomorrow award with the participation of hundreds of students from engineering schools, business  schools and universities, and young entrepreneurs
  • 20 years of solidarity in action!


Our support

We provide financial support: each project is granted with a budget of minimum €5,000. Projects must be presented by French non-profit organisations and showcase the use of digital technology, bringing  a direct benefit to final users in the community. Projects asking for IT functional support of organisations, financial support only or donation of IT equipment only are not eligible. 

We sponsor projects thanks to Sopra Steria employee volunteers. Volunteers can bring guidance and expertise in various fields:  project methodology, technical or functional expertise, mentorship,etc. The Foundation is an opportunity for our employees to share their skills for the benefit of disadvantaged people.

We engage the younger generation via the "Entrepreneurship for tomorrow" Award: a challenge aimed at students and young entrepreneurs encouraging digital, social and environmental innovation applied to community projects. Two awards are granted to young entrepreneurs & student winners from engineering, business schools and universities in France, in order to implement a sustainable  project, with a financial support ranging from €5,000 to €10,000 and an operational support to challenge and launch the projects,  with the help of  partners and Sopra Steria volunteers.


Our governance

The Foundation is governed by a Board, composed of members from Sopra Steria and from Institut de France. 

  • Xavier Darcos, Chairman - Chancellor of the Institut de France 
  • Nicolas Seguin, Honorary Chairman - Founding member
  • Laurent Giovachini, General Manager - Deputy CEO Sopra Steria


The Sopra Steria members:

  • Karen Heitzmann, Operations Director Vertical Energy & Utilities Sopra Steria
  • Fabienne Mathey-Girbig, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Director Sopra Steria
  • Jean-Bernard Rampini, Founding member 
  • Catherine Royer, Human Development Director Sopra Steria


The members from Institut de France:

  • Serge Abiteboul, Member of the Academy of Sciences
  • François Baccelli, Member of the Academy of Sciences
  • Gérard Berry, Member of the Academy of Sciences
  • Yves Quéré,  Member of the Academy of Sciences